Program Management

SCi’s Program Management covers Program and Project Management, Architect and Engineer, and Subcontractor Management. Our practice is based on the Project Management Institute’s (PMI) Project Management Book of Knowledge (PMBOK), ISO 9001:2008 requirements, our understanding of industry PM standards, and our customer’s environment. Our policies, processes, and procedures facilitate and ensure lasting project success for our customers, balancing the triad of project scope, timelines, and cost, while managing and mitigating risks, assuring quality, and ensuring the highest return for our clients on their investments. We use a Total Quality Management (TQM) approach where each process step is performed to the best quality to support the next process step in the chain. Our Quality Management practices are governed by ISO 9001:2008 requirements. We implement processes for program-wide proactive Risk Management through diligent Planning, Risk Identification, Analysis, Mitigation and Monitoring of controls with the specific objective of increasing probability of Program & Project success for our clients while reducing any risks to a minimum.

SCi Program Management

Our Services include:

    • Program & Project Management
    • Administrative Support Services
    • Risk Management
    • Technical Consulting Services including IT, AV and Network Infrastructure Support
    • Client and Agency Coordination, Communications and Liaison Support including Owners’ Representative, Client Interface and Reporting
    • Facilities-Related Security Operations
    • End User Support and Training
    • Executive/VIP IT Support
    • Asset/Inventory Management and Support
    • Business Communications and Outreach


SCi Subcontractor Management

In addition to providing overall project management, SCi provides management of subcontractors and suppliers, to the same standards we utilize in our Program management.

All subcontractor managers report to SCi PM. All acquisition activities will be coordinated and approved by the SCi PM, who is responsible for performing all product and workmanship acceptance activities. Any major project decisions, including scope change, issue and conflict resolution, final product/workmanship acceptance, and change control monitoring is the responsibility of the SCi PM, and communication across the team is driven by the Program Management Plan. We monitor work with daily calls and site visits, as well as formal weekly project status meeting. Weekly status reports from the subcontract managers to the SCi PM will be used to identify issues, monitor risks, and trigger necessary interactions with the subcontractor and suppliers. Subcontractor performance metrics will include but are not limited to:

    • Quantities of material delivered, installed, and operational
    • Time - planned and actual duration between milestones
    • Cost - planned and actual expenditures to date
    • Defects - number of defects found, open, and closed; defect origin and classification
    • Status - percent of requirements implemented and verified; satisfaction of performance or other quality goals.


SCi Architecture and Engineering Management Support

SCi provides Liaison and Management Services, and serves as the Owner’s representative between the customer, tenant agency and Architectural Engineering (AE) firms. We setup and managed multiple Job Order Contracting / Blanket Purchase Agreements/Unit Price Contracts with Lessor, equipment and furniture vendors, general construction companies and Architect Engineering Firms, with a successful delivery rate for on-time and on-schedule projects. Our services range from minor electrical improvements, tear down and reconfiguration of furniture to multi-million dollar infrastructure and interior improvements.

Our Services include:

Liaison and Management:
We support our customers with Requirements definition and review, and recommendations to the Contracting Officer on requirements or changes requested by the tenant agency or contractor.

Coordination and Planning: 
We provide Building Evaluation and Space Planning; Code Analysis and Compliance; budget review, HVAC, roof, pavement and electrical system assessments.

Cost Estimating and Cost Control:
SCi provides accurate cost guidance on all soft costs such as professional fees, permits, and management, as well as hard costs such as construction and equipment. Our capability to provide comprehensive cost control is an important management tool for our clients and can be implemented in Design-Build or Construction Management contracts. We also review and evaluate lease offers and support negotiation of a fair and reasonable price.

Post-Award and Construction Phase Services: 
Prior to and during a customer’s construction or relocation, we provide relocation of personal property, telecommunications services, installation of computer cabling and other IT infrastructure improvements, and furniture delivery. We perform pre-occupancy inspections and reports, Punch List and final inspections, and As-Built documentation.