SCi Cares

SCi’s company mission includes community service and giving back through our program SCi--Financial Aid and Care Today (SCi-FACT!). We believe in helping those in need and our employees are active in supporting the company in reaching our goals.

We actively support our community, locally and globally, in a variety of areas. Not only do we give monetary gifts but we also contribute our time and our energy, and our caring. We are a hands-on and family friendly company.  We encourage our employees to bring their families when we are volunteering and you’ll see children alongside their parents preparing meals, participating in fundraising walks and stuffing backpacks with new school supplies.

SCi is proudly partnering with at least 12 different non-profit organizations representing children and academic enrichment, our military servicemembers and veterans, family services, homelessness and refugees,  abuse and violence, medical care, vocational training and international organizations and global issues, including sponsoring remote village water wells.

Members of the SCi-FACT! Team have been building and fostering relationships with  non-profit organizations,  partnering closely with them and helping to directly impact those organizations and the people they strive to serve. We welcome ideas, contributions and energy as we continue to expand this important mission.