SCi’s Program Management covers Program and Project Management, Architect and Engineer, and Subcontractor Management. Our practice is based on the Project Management Institute’s (PMI) Project Management Book of Knowledge (PMBOK), ISO 9001:2008 requirements, our understanding of industry PM standards, and our customer’s environment. Our policies, processes, and procedures facilitate and ensure lasting project success for our customers, balancing the triad of project scope, timelines, and cost, while managing and mitigating risks, assuring quality, and ensuring the highest return for our clients on their investments. We use a Total Quality Management (TQM) approach where each process step is performed to the best quality to support the next process step in the chain. Our Quality Management practices are governed by ISO 9001:2008 requirements. We implement processes for program-wide proactive Risk Management through diligent Planning, Risk Identification, Analysis, Mitigation and Monitoring of controls with the specific objective of increasing probability of Program & Project success for our clients while reducing any risks to a minimum.
Our Innovative Interior Solutions include Interior Planning and Design, Estimating, Installation, and Project Management including Occupancy Management.
Our Audio Visual Solutions include Audio and Video Solutions System Design, Installation, Configuration and Support, Conference Center Operations Scheduling and Technical Support, AV equipment and Furniture Logistics and Preventive Maintenance.
Our portfolio of IT Solution includes IT Enterprise & Network Capacity Planning, Engineering & Implementation, Data Center Design, Implementation & Management, Software & Application Development and Converged Technology – Telecom, Audio Visual, Data and Security.